Welcome to my online home! Where I share my journey, other’s journeys and more importantly inspire you to be a better person . I am full of life. Learning and growing in my talents, health journey, schooling, being a step mom, wife to a powerlineman and so much more .

Most important is my faith. My twin Charity helped me come up with the name. Many know me as a woman of faith, strength, enduring ,and a big heart. So, I decided to put all my works of writing, knowledge, experience, photography, music, health, and more in one space. MY ONLINE HOME!!

I am not a doctor, therapist, scientist, or anything else. Just a simple woman with inspiration, pain, desires, health issues, cares, thoughts, and opinions I want to share and help inspire. To let you all know that you’re worth so much. We all are beautiful souls trying to share our gifts, wealth, freedom, opinions, voices, beauty, journeys and love with the world. So let’s do it!

Thanks for coming along and feeling the emotions as I share my journey with you. Nothing more satisfying then to uplift others, get healthy, be creative, and love harder. I’m truly blessed for all that I’ve been given, especially among my challenges. Find the joy in all things . Keep shining and smiling. ~ Jackie