So I’m Blooming <3

Some of my captures ~ Always loved photography, but now I’m in a class and got a real camera 🙂 so stoked!!

I am currently a sophomore at BYU-Idaho Online. I am 35 years old, and as you’ve read a step-mother , wife and currently finding another full time job. However, I must say I enjoy my 5 classes, and if you see above, photography is one of them.

Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. I have since I was 18 in 2001 put myself aside for others. Yes, I’ve learned a lot, especially through 2 previous marriages, which was unbelievable hard and emotional Yet, I fought through it and became a better person today.

We all have passions. My most strong passions are Art, Photography, Singing, Writing, Acting, Music, Helping others, Travel, Family, Friends, Health journey, Learning and Nature. There are many gifts I have and learned to have. Well I should say start seeing that I have them.

In this world there are many creations and creativity that come from all of us. Sadly we all want what someone else has, or desire. I didn’t make it as an actress. Some say I could be a comedian as much as I make others laugh. Others say I have a huge heart and deserve so many blessings. The list can go on, but in all reality, I have what I need. A love for the gospel, a husband, children, gifts, talents, home, a dog, a car, heat, food, clothing, and integrity.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the hint 🙂 So, despite the trials which you’ll learn on my site, you will see serving others, uplifting, inspiring, motivating and using my gifts brings me joy among my many challenges. Plus I don’t like my husband, children, family , friend, or anyone to hurt. Whether physical, emotional, spiritual or financial. We’re all special and matter and have so much to offer and learn from. So I try to bring that out.

As a student I am working towards my Bachelor’s of Science in University Studies with a Minor in Marriage and Family Studies. I want to help families, parents, children, and others to help be more stable, help them with their addictions, employment, anger, depression, life, education and more. To help keep families together and safe. No matter who you are, there is always opportunites to grow. You just need to desire it. I don’t want to be a counselor. I want more hands on like a Director at a Center, or Family Preservation specialist. Who knows, still few years.

Not only am I doing that and helping my husband and family. I am coming out of my shell with my talents and gifts. I am also on a health journey with an amazing company. My team is my family tribe. Fairly new, but learning, I want to help coach and inspire to eat healthy, be healthy, love yourself, cleanse, build each other up, accountability, and become financially stable too. You will learn my health journey as well.

So I hope you enjoy the path you’ll be taken down on my road through life. It’s full of truth, emotions, opinions, heart, pain, happiness, stress, and upliftment. Be safe. Love more. Be easy and kind to yourself. Keep smiling and shining.

Lots of love ~ Jackie ❤