We Desire The Same

Yes Devine( Divine) is spelled wrong. I’m human ~

Hello All. Those who are like me, stay warm. I’m in Ohio. It’s cold. I can’t begin to imagine my husband who is a power lineman, doing work in negative degrees, let alone any condition. I’m grateful for him and his love to help his children, wife and all those he can. Same with all doing same thing or another job.

Which makes a point. We all desire the same thing. To be accepted, loved, appreciated, supported, recognized, loved, helped, and much more. I try to do just that. No matter who you are or where you come from. Bullying, judging,abuse, hatred, killing and other hurtful acts is not what my heart stands for. Yet, there is still lots of love, forgiveness and compassion.

I’m not one to read newspapers except the obituaries . My grandpa would search for his name all the time lol. I don’t watch the news or weather unless I’m very very interested or bored. And that’s not usual. I have plenty to do.

There is so many things that are happening in the world, that I just don’t want to focus on it. I mainly want to say despite what is, we all want to be noticed. So, why don’t we just focus on doing good and working through the bad. One day at a time . I know wishful thinking. But I know I’m gonna try.

If you’re reading this, go for your dreams. Speak your voice. Plan out your vision. Love yourself more. Stand up even alone. In discouraging times, know you’re worth.

That’s all I want to say today. You’re noticed . You’re amazing. You’re loved. I don’t have to see you or know it you. Because I just believe that. Keep shining and inspiring. Little change,love and help is more than you realize to someone. ~jackie

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