In honor of all those fighting battles. For those that feel alone. Those like me that fight depression, anxiety and physical issues. You’re amazing and never ever alone. Be you. Feel. Don’t hide. Find someone to lean on. Because they are out there. Most of all GOD IS . And I personally have learned he never ever leaves you,especially when you think he has. You’re beautiful. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, WORTH SO MUCH, NO SUGAR COATING. THIS IS TRUTH .

I love this quote . Owner of it is on the picture ~

‘d be a lying fool if I said I’m strong and can achieve all. Depression and pain hurts badly. Especially when you truly are alone. You feel it so own it.
Easy to say you’re there for someone but are you truly ?or just when they fall apart. So you can play hero?

Its wonderful to see so many gather as quick to others but when I’m in need , Ha! You’re strong deal with it. But what if I’m not that strong and its the last of me? Would that make a difference?

Be you. Acknowledge the hurt, the pain, the reality of being on a journey that no one else will be there with. Just you and God. Accept your emotions. Accept who you are. Accept your true feelings. Go with it. And from there who knows. It’s okay not to be strong. It’s not okay to lead people on as if you care, for you truly do more damage then good.

If you see , hear, or know of someone struggling, even if it’s someone you think you know that will handle it, DON’T ASSUME. You truly want them in your life, then get your booty up and do something for them. For I’m sure they have many times for you. Enough is enough. Show you care no matter how many times. For what someone is going through, takes time. Don’t rush it. Go through it with them. If not they only have God . All matter. Quit ignoring the ones you think you know . For they may be the ones first to go.
#pain #loveyourself #health #motivation #depression #addiction #truth #emotions #nohiding #believeinyou #BeTheChange #strength #lds #trials #mentalillness #physicalhealth #help #encouragement #weallmatter #healing #suicideprevention #heartandsoul #loveoneanother #bethere

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