My Journey Continues ♡

In all the worries, pain ,hurt, trials, challenges, weather,choices,dreams,and so much more.

Life can show you all the bad or all the blessed. You choose how to react, what to see, feel and accept.
Stop comparing and complaining. Go be you and get what you desire. Just make sure you love yourself in all ways. Forgive. Strengthen and shine.

We are all beautiful. No matter what. Notice it. Believe it. Act on it. Share goodness and light. ~jackie

I’m working hard on my emotional, physical, financial and spiritual journey. We all have different desires, challenges,talents and dreams.

Yet, we all want the same thing. To be noticed, appreciated and succeed. Way I see it , personally we are doing that. Just , I think we don’t credit ourselves on that. It’s easier to look for others to let us know. But we should know personally.

I’m going to continue to lose weight and build my business. Conquer my college courses that are left in next couple years. Embrace and grow in my art, photography, music and health business.

There’s so much desire from making my cd, owning little novelty shop. Helping others continue to move forward despite all challenges. Finding joy in all things. Accepting and being loving towards myself.

The list could go on. But in all reality, I am a work in progress and takes effort and love every day. I’m in Hope’s you can find what you need to do. What you desire and work ,just little each day. Know you’re amazing. Share what are some goals, projects etc so I can show moralsupport, feedback or just let you know I’m here too. Comment or message me via contact form. Leave your social media handles .

Know yourself more each day and love you in all ways. You are important. All the best. Keep shining and know you’re worth. ~Jackie♡♡


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