See Beauty In Your Storms

Life has it’s storms, sunshine,sunny,and cloudy days. Same with ourselves in whatever we’re facing. You can’t change the way others see your point of view. You certainly can’t change them.

Most of all there will always be those to assume the worse or what they think you have or are doing whether with your physical, emotional,spiritual or financial side.

All you can do is keep building up yourself and seeing the beautiful rainbow in all sorts of challenges and trials. In all the good and bad.
You choose to stop and focus on the blessings and what you need to fix. And most of all how amazing you are. Or focus on your negative and those that “assume”. You choose.

I chose to stop and look at the rainbow .To notice beauty in all things,especially how I’m growing inside out. And that as long as im feeling good ,then that’s what matters. Do you agree?

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