Loving All OF Me ♡♡♡

We all come from the same place.

Given this life of free agency. Over the years I’ve fought since birth neglect, foster care, adoption, accidents, abuse, bullying, health, spiritual, emotional and financial challenges.

Yet, I am still here. Stronger than ever. Been through so much that a 35 year old should probably never even faced. Nine surgeries, numerous health issues, 2 bad marriages and things I don’t even want to bring up.

One thing for sure , all my battles, challenges and scars led me to this beautiful journey. They are blessings in my life. To serve others to help them from my experiences in physical emotional, spiritual and financial journey.

Share my passions of health, photography, art,music,writing,outdoors,love,compassion, and so much more.

I am me in many different styles shapes, wounds, personality,heart, empathy,emotions and more. Nothing is more beautiful, priceless and courgeous then to see yourself and love yourself in all things. Accept you and keep moving forward. You’re that amazing .Never doubt your worth or capability, especially in worse times. For that’s when you shine even more.

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