Feb 14th 2014 weekend

eb 14th 2014 was the first time I met Chris. After video chatting, emailing,phone calls and texts, we decided to meet.
Both had 2 previous bad marriages . I just wanted someone to talk to. To understand.

Chris came down from Ohio to Tennessee and as a single dad kids were very important. But he felt we needed to meet. So he spent the weekend. He got hotel and finally showed up late. I thought I was stood up lol. He was running late due to snow weather and finally made it .

I got all dressed up with the thanks of the sister missionaries. We had hit the drive thru dairy queen, watched Saturday warriors, talked for hours and he left to the hotel.
Next day at the park and talked and he even cooked me homemade Chinese. Went to church and didn’t want to say goodbye.

From then on in June 2014 we married and I left Tennessee. There’s been major trials and having gone through worse with other relationships we put our faith in God. I became a step mom. Sealed to chris in 2017 and we finally bought our first home. He finished school as powerlineman and now I’m in school.

I’m not going to say it’s perfect. We’re trying to make sure we have the date nights, plan trips one day and have that honeymoon I never been on. Which will be Hawaii ahhaha . But whether were dancing in the kitchen, going grocery shopping, watching my sappy movies or his funny videos. Whether playing games with the family, going on walks and just normal things.

We’ve had scary moments. Sometimes when we say it’s too much. Then realize what is important. We’ve been hurt. We’ve built our lives. We’ve been through worse. Got to compromise. Love through the flaws. Accept good and bad. And work together. Love just hurts. Hurts so much that you becoming stronger when you realize how much you love each other. To see how far you come and hold on all memories.

So, even though we don’t really celebrate. We just are blessed to love each other more and work through the hard times. That’s what your heart is for. Keep forgiving and making up and just love with all your heart. Remember the whys. Marriage is sacred and you just don’t quit. No matter how hard it is. Unless it’s dangerous. So I’m blessed to keep going in all the times. Xoxoox

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