You matter that’s what is important

I believe in supporting eveyone I can near and far. For me personally I always look for the good. No matter where you’ve been in your life, you have always been given gifts.

I have stopped my passions for reasons of bullying, abuse, low self esteem, idolizing, negativity, depression stage fright and more. Then not long ago after seeking prayer and a blessing, it had shown me that I must embrace my gifts and talents. That we all have talents that must be grown and shared. I am growing on my health journey. So, if interested let’s do it together.

So, I am doing this with my school, music, writing, photography, art, singing and more important loving others, knowing we all matter, uplifting, inspiring, coaching, motivating and letting everyone I know how special they truly are.

You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be accepted from the world. Be your own you. Shine in your own way. Others will love and support you the way you are. Just see it within you. You’re a blessing. God gave you your gifts for a reason. So use them. And see your worth. I am trying to do the same. Let’s go shine in our lives together. Everyone is important. There’s no fame xoxo

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