Be Supportive <3

We all have a journey which we want so much to be supported. Our desires and wishes we long to come true.

Though there’s much suffering or judging that causes us to be silent. Personal struggles which causes many to not speak up.

Being afraid because “different” is used a lot instead of unique. So, our gifts and talents or even ourselves are set aside. After all God has given each of us beautiful gifts. Yet, in this world there’s a lot of comparing, bullying ,judging and other hateful behavior.

I personally growing up wanted to shine like “movie stars and artists” and be “popular” in school and life. I felt that would stop the bullying, judging, depression and feeling “different”. As I got out of my shell last few years, I’ve known there is no popularity or fame. We’re all unique. But some go all out and some stay behind.

Let us try to all come together and support each other and not worry on the likes, headlines or anything else. Just be you. You be yourself and show yourself you’re capable of all you want to do and become. It’s within. I am trying myself. So just love you and do what you love. That’s priceless and no amount of attention can surpass that .

Let’s do this

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