I’ve been trying harder each day to be grateful for my challenges.

No matter if sometimes it has me crying on the floor, asking God to take “my cup” from me. Does he? At times he’ll provide miracles. Other times he gives me strength to overcome the physical pain. Courage to overcome my depression and anxiety days that are unbearable.

Financial burdens are truly a pain as well. Whether you’re a couple, single, rich, poor, or stable. It’s still a challenge. Trials come up. Circumstances change. Does it get frustrating? Oh it does for me. Especially when you’re a parent, wife, student and searching for a job. It gets easier . It gets better. You just have to have faith and patience. Easier said then done. But try. Time will come.

Whatever your beliefs are, know you’re enough. You have challenges . I have challenges. Let us rise up together. Hand in hand, side by side and together. Let us be of strength and supportive. Not to look at each others weaknesses, challenges, illnesses, or other flaws. May we look within our light, strengths, and passions.

You’re enough. Know it. Feel it. Love yourself. Keep going. You’re loved .

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