Work in Progress with Talents

I am working on coming out of my shell with my talents. Amazing how growing up I wasn’t shy about writing, singing, art, scrapbooking,photography and more. But as I got older and faced even more self-confidence issues , bullying, abuse and more, I started hiding.

I opened myself up more thanks to an online singing site, where I’ll leave the link that has some of my karaoke songs.  Then there is a song from a dear friend that helped me put music on Sound Cloud. My goal is to find someone to help me put a cd together.  That will come. I’m sure someone is out there 🙂

As I continue my schooling, I am developing more into the Arts. I love photography. Always been a passion. I love just feeling the emotions through every capture. That’s probably one thing I love about not driving on trips. I rather look and capture. Either through photography or writing.  Below are some captures, and you’ll see more throughout my site moving forward.  Also a reminder of some of the books I’ve done. Not the greatest, but it helps me get out there. Plus helps with school and other expenses 🙂

It’s a blessing to teach your children and those around you of the importance of developing your talents. Not only for yourself to appreciate , enjoy ,and uplift. But for the uplifting and teaching experiences to those around you. I am reminded by one of my bishopric friends and his wife that Talents need to be embraced and not hidden. For we’re given them to grow on and share. So, I made a promise to myself and to the lord that I will keep learning and growing. To keep sharing. That I don’t believe in ”fame”. I believe we all have gifts and we must just use them. Not about likes or anything else. NEVER COMPARE ❤ YOU’RE AMAZING . So tell me what you love. Show me your gifts so I can support and know you’re worth 🙂

Singing site –

Soundcloud song –

My books-



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