Have Empathy Not Judgement

In this life we all have a journey
The journey is rough with many roller coasters, landslides, storms, and ups and downs.

Looking forward you become more aware of who you are. Sometimes the judging, bullying and less supportive beings come in your life.
It may seem impossible to go on, but DO MOVE FORWARD. Look at yourself and see beyond the hurt. You are you. Amazing.

We all make mistakes. Some that will be with us the rest of our lives. Other mistakes will be small and we move on.

One of the reason why I love to support others.
I personally see and feel with empathy. I look within the heart, their journey, and their emotions. Empathy is having love that never dies as you picture how you would feel in their shoes. How you feel from circumstances. Not questioning why someone did what they did. Not judging for who they are, how they do something, or what mistakes they made.

Yeah, what we do can have a lasting affect on relationships, hearts,life,careers and more. There’s only one of us. So it does have an impact, especially the one suffering and you don’t see. Be of strength, love, and know your integrity. Know what you would do for others. Know your self love.

For me, I love being able to uplift and inspire all without judging. For we all need that .
~Jackie Hall

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