Happy 8th Birthday Princess Savannah


appy 8th Birthday Princess Savannah. You bring so much love, laughter, learning and joy in my life. I’m blessed to have come in your life at 3 yrs old.
Even though you’re a daddy’s girl for sure. I still claim you as my mini me. I’m grateful that you were born, so I could be your momma too. I’ll never ever replace or will I want to replace your mom. But the lord has giving me the opportunity to be a mother to you.

You’re going through some battles that I wish I could fix. But you are handling it well. I love seeing you grow in the arts, and how we do our acting, crafts, singing, writing and so much more. How intuned with the scriptures and gospel. You are 8 years old !!!! I know you can’t wait to be baptized.
Love you so much more than you know. You heal my heart and I’m so excited for the future. We’re going to have a blast sweet savannah.
Blessed to be in your and gavin’s life. Your daddy is so proud. We all love you. Sadie too

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