Testimony Is Growing

We all have our own beliefs. I have battled off and on to know what is true. Yet, I have always believed in God and Our Savior Jesus Christ. My faith has grown stronger. I and my family are preparing more for that faithful day when he returns. *which I pray is soon lol in all honesty I am grateful and will continue to strive to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, student, and minister better to others.

I have and continue to see miracles. I know personally the true meaning of the atonement. I know in my own life that I, especially now wish there were “cups”i would like to be removed. Yet, Heavenly Father knows me better. Our trials and struggles are there to give us strength, courage, learning, and growing. For us to help minister to others in our experiences.

Yes this life can truly suck. It can be unbearable at times. Especially when you feel alone and that family and friends don’t notice, or have empathy. That there’s more judgement and feel you’re strong enough so you just keep going as they say.

Don’t worry. You’re never alone. I bear witness and testify the truth of our Saviors love. His undying love for each of us. We are given so many blessings and trials are one of them to help pave our way to return back to our heavenly parents. I can’t wait til the joyous reunion to be with my Savior and Heavenly Parents. Especially with all those I’ve lost .

No matter the mistakes. No matter the emotions. No matter how you think, feel, choose or have done. You are loved. There’s a forgiving man upstairs that loves us so much. And an amazing brother who was born and paved the way through his unimaginable, painful death. He has risen. He is alive and I want to be with him. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Enjoy your day. You matter and are loved.

One thought on “Testimony Is Growing

  1. Jackie, I love how you ‘like’ each of my posts, to let me know you have seen them. I thought I’d clicked ‘follow’, on your blog, but I never get notices when you make a new post. 😦


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