From my book
Upliftment for a Better Day

Keep shining ♡ Wherever you are know you are loved. Bring out the best in you by conquering the flaws, accepting your flaws, and enduring your challenges.

I am not perfect and life isn’t all sunshine and happiness. It’s not life if there is always sunshine and no trials.

There is hope, beauty and learning . When I wake up I make sure that I do my best for the day. For the moments. I have my struggles and sometimes worse days you can imagine.

What happens? I look to my gifts. I look to others. I’m grateful for the talents, experiences, and struggles. For others lift me up in their many gifts and experiences. Just as I do the same.

Look to the moments. In all good and bad. Always remember there will be good and bad. Embrace because you will overcome ♡

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