appy National Lineman Appreciation Day.

I appreciate you Chris so very much. Your family loves you. The best hardworking man ever. Though we see you leave more, we know that you are needed all over. You chose this profession and worked hard in school for it. It’s not just q career. You love it. Love the excitement, the smiles, the work, and providing for your family.

I appreciate you every single day. I know there’s a lot more you do, and I’m glad I don’t see everything lol. I’m fine on the ground. 🙂 but I love you forever. We have our trials, and some are harder than others, but we sure rise above and together.
I’m grateful to hug you when you leave and hug you even more when you get back. Know you’re appreciated not just today but everyday. Especially all those who have gone and all those now. Ty all you wonderful lineman/line women. You are always in hearts and prayers.

Love you hunny. Ty for all you do. Better be safe . This woman says so hahah your family loves you and supports you. We’ll make it to the eternities. God bless you all♡♡ everyday

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