I love my Savior each day. I am blessed through challenges. Each challenge I overcome, i become closer to thee. Each trial is a blessing ♡

You may not believe the same. You may not understand. That is quite alright. For you have your own agency. If there was no free agency, there would be no us, atonement and this amazing earth.

As I count my blessings, I want my heart to love like Jesus. To forgive as he did. To accept even those that did not believe til a miracle happened. For my miracle is living another day and with an amazing family.

Though trials get worse at times, I know I can count on my eternal brother who paved the way, to help strengthen me. And I use that light to strengthen others in their pain, afflictions, loss, bullying, and more. Not only those that are being hurt but the ones who hurt others. We are all sinners. We are all special. We all deserve love .

My journey is to spread light. To be an instrument in his hand. To stand tall and know HE LIVES. Whether I’m alone or not. I will always carry his torch because he gave me life. Gave all of us life. He lives and loves me and you. So, I must do the same. For there are no forgotten sheep. My Savior is and always will be the light to this world. I’m trying to be like him. Thankful for all I’ve endured and enduring. Most grateful for the atonement and endless possibilities, family, friends, gifts, and so much more.

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