Light The Way

Life is full of surprises. You’ll never know what happens the next second. Only God knows.

I always try to make each second count. Notice I said “try”

Lately I been such a big moody, I don’t care what happens to me. Numerous specialists, blood work, cutting cold Turkey on medicines due to bad effects and financial harships.

Why does life even have money? I mean seriously just makes people more evil, jealous, or stuck up. Well some anyways.

I’ve been seeing so much drama that I’ve cut out a lot of peeps in my life. Doesn’t mean I don’t care, they were causing false hope. Using me, judging me, and more.

I support others. I hate seeing others suffer. No matter who or where you’re from. But when I’m suffering in different ways, makes it even harder.

All I can say is life sucks at times. But then it’s a beautiful blessing. Don’t be afraid to Express how you feel. Just don’t give up. And if you’re to the point, ask for help . Okay? You are worth it.

Just feel all the feels life brings. Light your way in your time . You’re loved

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