One’s Soul

Father in heaven as you hear my plea
Take this pain and turn into peace

I had no clue how much pain it would be
To live in a world that has so much hurt, you see?

We each are given our free agency
Yet, when we make choices, judgments become reality.

Dare all of us who stay quiet because we’re not smiling.
To look at others who just keep lying.

Lying about how they truly feel
I wish we all were accepting and real.

The agony that each of our souls suffer
Is of great need, where we need one another.


A beautiful reminder how blessed we are in this beautiful world.
Not only that but how special each and eveyone of us are. We are all beautiful, unique, priceless and talented. Wherever we are on this beautiful earth, we all matter.

Let us be the light to the world and build not only ourselves but others, especially during times of physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial struggles.

Not all of us is strong. Some face different challenges. No one is worth more . We all handle things in our own way. Supporting each other’s emotions, decisions,choices and talents will help break the wall of judgements.

Come together ♡♡♡



Always know deep down inside the importance of life. Importance of belonging.

I can’t make you see it or feel it. It’s there. You need to find your own way. Uplifting you will always be there.

Know you’re too precious and important to be forgotten. The struggles you are facing can be hard and difficult. You must find the outlit within to Express in a constructive way.

We all have talents. Use them to create inspiration and strength. You then will build belief and confidence within yourself.

Never give up hope. These words I’m going by, even the ones above. For I have many trials but I am going to conquer. While doing so, why not support you as well. You are loved ♡

Being Accepting of Others

As I continue to move forward in my life, I am trying to look at more of my trials as blessings.

Ar times it can be really hard and weigh you down. Not knowing if you’ll finish this or that. If you said the right thing. Being a good step mother and supporter to your husband who is doing all he can as a powerlineman.

Wondering if you should just not do school due to the costs but you’re almost a junior. The list can go on.

But lately I have found what I am doing right. Pushing myself to spend the time dwelling to serving, spending time with family, friends, spreading hope, and uplifting. Working on my passions and enjoying what time I can with my husband.

We all have opinions on how someone should or could have done this or that. Or blaim because of the choice you made or making. It boils down to life is hard. Stuff happens. You got to go through it . Called work in progress.

If everything was easy and everyone was doing what everyone feels they should. Then it would be miserable. Same as you not doing what you feel is right. Or judging others whether they are your partner, family,friend, associate or across the other side of the world .

I find being more accepting and reassuring that we all have our personal lives and responsibility. We must grow and that is growing together.

That’s why I love my husband. He loves the science, power lines, helping others, politics, video games and more. But we compromise on shows, when to talk about the “worldly” things and more of just focusing on positive. Not easy but it’s good.

I love the arts, crafts, writing and more. More of forgiving and my husband works with that. Just as being a mom and friend. Or a family member. Having 13 kids grow up in one house is wonderful but too many personalities.

That’s why it’s so easy to be critical. Yet, if you show empathy, compassion, and understanding that we all deserve to be here. To be born and live our lives how we believe to see fit. I am for certain there will be more harmony.

Again, as I said in beginning , I am seeing differences in marriage, life, trials and more as blessings. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s me reflect and go through emotions.

Less worry. More blessed. All will work out. A reminder that if it makes you happy. If you feel good , then don’t stop. Just move priorities around and compromise. Same with all of us within ourselves. We choose how we feel, what we do, where we go. God gave us freedom. But if we didn’t disagree or make opinions and learn to grow with each other in many ways as a relationship, then why is there free agency ? Knowledge? Each other?passions? Jobs?family? Marriages?opportunities? And list goes on.

Might be a bunch of garbage or not make sense or you don’t care or agree. But to me, as I close the evening, I’m blessed.



As we continue our journeys one day at a time. I am working hard to better myself in all ways. Just as being an example not only to my kids, husband, family and friends. But also to those I can uplift.

I am hopeful that we all can achieve our dreams, goals, visions and more importantly continue to be work in progress.

No one is better. No one is more popular. No one is perfect. So, instead of comparing or wishing. My Hope is for all of us to be more accepting. Just remember that we’re important and our own self needs that care too.


I love my Savior each day. I am blessed through challenges. Each challenge I overcome, i become closer to thee. Each trial is a blessing ♡

You may not believe the same. You may not understand. That is quite alright. For you have your own agency. If there was no free agency, there would be no us, atonement and this amazing earth.

As I count my blessings, I want my heart to love like Jesus. To forgive as he did. To accept even those that did not believe til a miracle happened. For my miracle is living another day and with an amazing family.

Though trials get worse at times, I know I can count on my eternal brother who paved the way, to help strengthen me. And I use that light to strengthen others in their pain, afflictions, loss, bullying, and more. Not only those that are being hurt but the ones who hurt others. We are all sinners. We are all special. We all deserve love .

My journey is to spread light. To be an instrument in his hand. To stand tall and know HE LIVES. Whether I’m alone or not. I will always carry his torch because he gave me life. Gave all of us life. He lives and loves me and you. So, I must do the same. For there are no forgotten sheep. My Savior is and always will be the light to this world. I’m trying to be like him. Thankful for all I’ve endured and enduring. Most grateful for the atonement and endless possibilities, family, friends, gifts, and so much more.



appy National Lineman Appreciation Day.

I appreciate you Chris so very much. Your family loves you. The best hardworking man ever. Though we see you leave more, we know that you are needed all over. You chose this profession and worked hard in school for it. It’s not just q career. You love it. Love the excitement, the smiles, the work, and providing for your family.

I appreciate you every single day. I know there’s a lot more you do, and I’m glad I don’t see everything lol. I’m fine on the ground. 🙂 but I love you forever. We have our trials, and some are harder than others, but we sure rise above and together.
I’m grateful to hug you when you leave and hug you even more when you get back. Know you’re appreciated not just today but everyday. Especially all those who have gone and all those now. Ty all you wonderful lineman/line women. You are always in hearts and prayers.

Love you hunny. Ty for all you do. Better be safe . This woman says so hahah your family loves you and supports you. We’ll make it to the eternities. God bless you all♡♡ everyday