Some of my passions that help me and help others
Writing, music, photography, and art. What are your passions?

Life isn’t just a trial . It’s an amazing opportunity to grow your talents. Keep going for your dreams because you can make it happen. You are capable. You are enough. You are gifted. Know it and let yourself shine β™‘ Jackieβ™‘


What I see is different than what you may see. Same as in each other on this beautiful earth.

Life is a beautiful opportunity and blessing to get to experience, love, learn, grow, react, feel, see, and express.

Art is an expression I love in many different ways . Just as seeing others in how they act and react. How we all Express, love, and use our passions and gifts in this world.

It’s a beautiful thing. Choosing light instead of darkness. Creating magic . Look within yourself, in what you do and become. Look within others and see their worth too.

β™‘ jackie hall β™‘

Create within Yourself and Blossom

Love finding myself through my passions . As long as it brings you joy, then you must keep coming out of your shell and spreading the world with your gifts. Support each other. Amazing what we all can do

Only you can believe what you see or hear. Know what is truth and what is not.
Look within yourself and don’t count just flaws. Count your goodness, blessings and talents. Then go use your talents for good.

One’s Soul

Father in heaven as you hear my plea
Take this pain and turn into peace

I had no clue how much pain it would be
To live in a world that has so much hurt, you see?

We each are given our free agency
Yet, when we make choices, judgments become reality.

Dare all of us who stay quiet because we’re not smiling.
To look at others who just keep lying.

Lying about how they truly feel
I wish we all were accepting and real.

The agony that each of our souls suffer
Is of great need, where we need one another.


Being able to live this life is a blessing. We’re given callings in life to help make us stronger .

Not only callings but talents are given for us to grow and share. To minister unto each other. Learn from each other, support, love and shine.

What are your passions? Are you doing all you can each day to build them up and come alive ? Isn’t it easy to support others in their dreams?

Why not see within yourself how incredible you are? Take the time to develop and use your gifts for good. I promise you we all have them. Make the world more beautiful by seeing that you are β™‘

My Expression through Art

Don’t let fear or the evilness of the world stop you from standing up for what you believe. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Whoever you choose to become or dream of becoming. Have faith in yourself. May we treat each other with love and support. Remember each day is a blessing and your life and gifts and all things are blessings too. Don’t waste it. Be brave. Be believing and be supportive.

~Jackie Hall ~