Beauty Within Flaws

Beauty. I love sunsets and sunrises. I captured this sunset last night. No filter. Just in aqe.

It’s not a perfect capture. It’s not a bad capture. I see the beauty. Just as in myself and others. In all the flaws and goodness.

Enjoy today. See the beauty. Work through the challenges. Even if things happen, see that in an imperfect world and as imperfect we all are. There is still beauty and greatness among all of us. ♡

Keep shining and smiling

♡ jackie ♡


What I see is different than what you may see. Same as in each other on this beautiful earth.

Life is a beautiful opportunity and blessing to get to experience, love, learn, grow, react, feel, see, and express.

Art is an expression I love in many different ways . Just as seeing others in how they act and react. How we all Express, love, and use our passions and gifts in this world.

It’s a beautiful thing. Choosing light instead of darkness. Creating magic . Look within yourself, in what you do and become. Look within others and see their worth too.

♡ jackie hall ♡


Quotes from my books ♡

Everyday Upliftment . Remember who you are and how far you’ve come. You are a beautiful blessing and light to others.

Life wouldn’t be better without you. Stay true to yourself and what you believe.

I support. I care. I notice. I want to be there. I want to see you grow, shine, and reflect on how great you’re becoming. You’re enough. BELIEVE AS I AM DOING THE SAME.

My books are going for 3 for 10.00 till end of July. A great deal ♡♡♡

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Many have said they are uplifting. I love them because I read them daily and uplift myself as well. Keep shining and inspiring. Work on your talents.


When you need a recharge of positivity. Just look within.

Then take that energy and help support whoever needs it as well.

Days are frustrating and trials come upon. That’s why as I try to uplift myself, I share energy too.

Not all great days but I’m truly blessed in all circumstances.

Passions help . Sharing and supporting others help. Look within and go shine. Don’t forget to feel the emotions. Let them be released ♡♡♡