Though it seems trials of physical, emotional and financial come at me at once, or add on. I am working to do all I can to relieve the burdens. It’s a slow process.

Does it mean I’m a loser? Will I not finish school? Am I close to finding another job to help my husband and kids? Will anyone care about my talents and upliftment? Do I help others as often as i should, when I’m battling my battles?

You and I can look at all these questions and more with many answers or judgements. In all reality, I don’t know the what happens the next second.

All I know is I’m moving forward with hope. Doing all I can to do my part. Putting trust in God to help with my burdens.
I know a job will come. I know my needs and school expenses etc will be took care of. I know so many are uplifted in my support for them and my love through my experiences and gifts.

So, when you have doubts just look at all you have accomplished. Life is learning and I’m growing through it. As the same you’re growing in your battles. You’re not alone. There is hope. Just believe and see it. Keep going . ♡ let emotions out.


Quote from one of my books ♡♡

Life isn’t always joyous. I’m not always positive or happy. I just work on trying to make the best of it .

Dealing with hardships physically, emotionally, spiritually or financially can weigh you down at times. It’s how you handle them that makes it wonderful.

Listen to your heart. Open your mind to visions of your desires.
Forgive yourself. Know your emotions are a part of you. Never be sorry for that. Feel. Embrace.

Early morning ♡♡♡
Getting more of my books mailed off to some lovely people .

It’s so wonderful to accomplish your passions. I’m not stopping there.
I’m gonna keep going .

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How many? To who? And ty ♡

A way to help my family husband and family but also finish school .

What are you doing ? What are your passions?
Don’t give up. You’re amazing. We all have passions. Please believe in you, as I believe in all.

Being Accepting of Others

As I continue to move forward in my life, I am trying to look at more of my trials as blessings.

Ar times it can be really hard and weigh you down. Not knowing if you’ll finish this or that. If you said the right thing. Being a good step mother and supporter to your husband who is doing all he can as a powerlineman.

Wondering if you should just not do school due to the costs but you’re almost a junior. The list can go on.

But lately I have found what I am doing right. Pushing myself to spend the time dwelling to serving, spending time with family, friends, spreading hope, and uplifting. Working on my passions and enjoying what time I can with my husband.

We all have opinions on how someone should or could have done this or that. Or blaim because of the choice you made or making. It boils down to life is hard. Stuff happens. You got to go through it . Called work in progress.

If everything was easy and everyone was doing what everyone feels they should. Then it would be miserable. Same as you not doing what you feel is right. Or judging others whether they are your partner, family,friend, associate or across the other side of the world .

I find being more accepting and reassuring that we all have our personal lives and responsibility. We must grow and that is growing together.

That’s why I love my husband. He loves the science, power lines, helping others, politics, video games and more. But we compromise on shows, when to talk about the “worldly” things and more of just focusing on positive. Not easy but it’s good.

I love the arts, crafts, writing and more. More of forgiving and my husband works with that. Just as being a mom and friend. Or a family member. Having 13 kids grow up in one house is wonderful but too many personalities.

That’s why it’s so easy to be critical. Yet, if you show empathy, compassion, and understanding that we all deserve to be here. To be born and live our lives how we believe to see fit. I am for certain there will be more harmony.

Again, as I said in beginning , I am seeing differences in marriage, life, trials and more as blessings. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s me reflect and go through emotions.

Less worry. More blessed. All will work out. A reminder that if it makes you happy. If you feel good , then don’t stop. Just move priorities around and compromise. Same with all of us within ourselves. We choose how we feel, what we do, where we go. God gave us freedom. But if we didn’t disagree or make opinions and learn to grow with each other in many ways as a relationship, then why is there free agency ? Knowledge? Each other?passions? Jobs?family? Marriages?opportunities? And list goes on.

Might be a bunch of garbage or not make sense or you don’t care or agree. But to me, as I close the evening, I’m blessed.



appy National Lineman Appreciation Day.

I appreciate you Chris so very much. Your family loves you. The best hardworking man ever. Though we see you leave more, we know that you are needed all over. You chose this profession and worked hard in school for it. It’s not just q career. You love it. Love the excitement, the smiles, the work, and providing for your family.

I appreciate you every single day. I know there’s a lot more you do, and I’m glad I don’t see everything lol. I’m fine on the ground. 🙂 but I love you forever. We have our trials, and some are harder than others, but we sure rise above and together.
I’m grateful to hug you when you leave and hug you even more when you get back. Know you’re appreciated not just today but everyday. Especially all those who have gone and all those now. Ty all you wonderful lineman/line women. You are always in hearts and prayers.

Love you hunny. Ty for all you do. Better be safe . This woman says so hahah your family loves you and supports you. We’ll make it to the eternities. God bless you all♡♡ everyday

Happy 8th Birthday Princess Savannah


appy 8th Birthday Princess Savannah. You bring so much love, laughter, learning and joy in my life. I’m blessed to have come in your life at 3 yrs old.
Even though you’re a daddy’s girl for sure. I still claim you as my mini me. I’m grateful that you were born, so I could be your momma too. I’ll never ever replace or will I want to replace your mom. But the lord has giving me the opportunity to be a mother to you.

You’re going through some battles that I wish I could fix. But you are handling it well. I love seeing you grow in the arts, and how we do our acting, crafts, singing, writing and so much more. How intuned with the scriptures and gospel. You are 8 years old !!!! I know you can’t wait to be baptized.
Love you so much more than you know. You heal my heart and I’m so excited for the future. We’re going to have a blast sweet savannah.
Blessed to be in your and gavin’s life. Your daddy is so proud. We all love you. Sadie too