Create within Yourself and Blossom

Love finding myself through my passions . As long as it brings you joy, then you must keep coming out of your shell and spreading the world with your gifts. Support each other. Amazing what we all can do

Only you can believe what you see or hear. Know what is truth and what is not.
Look within yourself and don’t count just flaws. Count your goodness, blessings and talents. Then go use your talents for good.

Love yourself and your passions

Finding yourself, lovingbyoursel, coming out of hiding on your passions brings so much joy.

I am learning and growing with my art, music, photography, writing, and a health journey. Realizing the only approval I need is from myself.

Fame doesn’t exist in my world. Visions and dreams do. As I continue to be a work in progress, my heart loves to see others progress towards their happiness. Fulfilling their passions and supporting themselves.

I surely love seeing all the talent in this world. We’re all amazing, beautiful and instruments for others in our gifts, love, support, and upliftment.

I’m not the best writer but I have accomplished few books on amazon. I’m not the best artist but I am me and Express which brings me joy. I’m not the greatest singer but it’s my passion and will make a cd one day. I have much lyrics and songs.

I would love to know what you do. What would you like to accomplish? What are your passions? Are you needing more support? Encouragement? Upliftment?
Well I would love to do what I can to uplift and help inspire you . For it’s important.

I waited too long and hid for awhile and let the world, my thoughts, actions, bullying, abuse and more take over. Use your experiences for good but move forward. You’re not alone. You’re amazing. Share xoxoo god bless. Keep shining ~jackie

Expressions and Gifts

Your mind can be a beautiful thing. Full of imagination and dreams.

It can also detour you to having fear . Not expressing, coming out of your shell.

No one in s better or perfect. We’re given talents. We’re given opportunities. So reach inside your mind and heart and Express. Express as if no one is seeing. Believe in you
I love art. Love music,writing,photography and more. What’s your passions?


During troubletimes, it you may not feel like smiling, being positive or even laughing would help. My suggestion, try anyway.

Trials and tribulations will always be there. Trust me, I’m facing them daily too. When I’m upset I let it out. When I’m scared, worried, frustrated, sad, angry, or other emotions, I Express.

Nothing is wrong with feelings. Don’t hide them. You need to let them release. It’s also good to have the motivation that even know things are going bad, there is hope around the corner. It takes time.

All I know is I’m going to try to release my harden heart. My worries. And see the light within. Because nothing more makes me happy then lighting up another person’s heart and life with goodness, comfort and support.

Spread joy not hate. Smile when you’re down. See light instead of darkness. We’re all suffering together. See light within each other

Keep shining and smiling:)Jackie

Be Strong. You are priceless

Set your mind and heart up to what you need to do .

One step at a time. You’ll accomplish so much. Just keep moving forward.

Find the sunshine and upliftment . Get the support you need. Always remember you are priceless and can do anything.

Never settle. Never give up. There’s always support and help. Just ask. Don’t you quit when you feel you’ve tried everything. When all reality there’s much more waiting.

Be brave. Be strong. There will always be critics and bullying. Yet, you are the strongest of them all. Why? Because you’re you and you keep moving forward. ~jackie

Be Supportive <3

We all have a journey which we want so much to be supported. Our desires and wishes we long to come true.

Though there’s much suffering or judging that causes us to be silent. Personal struggles which causes many to not speak up.

Being afraid because “different” is used a lot instead of unique. So, our gifts and talents or even ourselves are set aside. After all God has given each of us beautiful gifts. Yet, in this world there’s a lot of comparing, bullying ,judging and other hateful behavior.

I personally growing up wanted to shine like “movie stars and artists” and be “popular” in school and life. I felt that would stop the bullying, judging, depression and feeling “different”. As I got out of my shell last few years, I’ve known there is no popularity or fame. We’re all unique. But some go all out and some stay behind.

Let us try to all come together and support each other and not worry on the likes, headlines or anything else. Just be you. You be yourself and show yourself you’re capable of all you want to do and become. It’s within. I am trying myself. So just love you and do what you love. That’s priceless and no amount of attention can surpass that .

Let’s do this