This beautiful earth. Many have left and many are here. Some are waiting to join us.

What do I see in this beautiful universe? God’s creation. He never failed at anyone. Nor does he fail us. We choose our agency. Choose how we feel. How we treat others.

We are given life as part of a plan. It’s a work in progress. Yet, besides the road blocks that come our way. We are given each other maybe for a second or for the rest of our life.

You could be someone’s miracle. Someone’s friend. Someone’s teacher or angel. All on this earth has a purpose. It’s not the way we look or where we live. Neither how we talk, act, sing, dance, draw, work, share, spend, or if we’re rich or poor. We all matter.

Full the emptiness in your life with blessings that are around you and given to you, such as each other and your talents. My heart believes in all souls. In all people. In all creation. Isn’t it a beautiful thing? Sad that every second is taken for granted. Just accept. Love. Open hearts and be that beautiful soul. Differences makes the world better ♡

♡jackie ♡


We all were created with love.
Loving ourself in all circumstances creates a better understanding of not only ourselves, but others.

Letting yourself feel all emotions whether you’re facing emotional, physical, or spiritual pain.

Use your gifts and talents during the most difficult times. For it brings you not only a sense of closure, understanding, empathy, and love in your own life. But more of a willingness to accept, forgive, help, lift and lead by example for someone who needs it in their own life.

Beauty Within Flaws

Beauty. I love sunsets and sunrises. I captured this sunset last night. No filter. Just in aqe.

It’s not a perfect capture. It’s not a bad capture. I see the beauty. Just as in myself and others. In all the flaws and goodness.

Enjoy today. See the beauty. Work through the challenges. Even if things happen, see that in an imperfect world and as imperfect we all are. There is still beauty and greatness among all of us. ♡

Keep shining and smiling

♡ jackie ♡

Make It Count

Trials come and go. Same with opportunities. We are only given one life, so make it count.

You’ll have your days, months and years of suffering, trials, and other experiences. Yet, you have much more amazing and wonderful times that out weigh the bad. Only you can see that.

Lift each other. Support each other. Share goodness and accept change. These are wonderful examples that will help bring more comfort then darkness in your life.

Keep shining and smiling

Jackie xo

Blessings All Around You

Beauty is everywhere among us. Whether we know each other or not. What we experience, feel, see, do and become. It’s incredible how much blessings are among us. Being each other’s support, example , and more is a beautiful blessing.

Embrace your talents. See and know your blessings that surround you. Understand the beauty from within. You’re someone’s answer in many different ways. We all matter. Keep shining.



I took a song I was writing. Words and feelings. Took couple pictures I had awhile back. And put it together 💜💜💜🤗🤗🤗

I figured i would share my heart through song, writing, photography and above all my love.

May you find comfort and peace everyday. You are loved. We all matter.

With love 💜Jackie Hall