I am feeling so much saying this. chills are upon me. so many feels. so many tears. it’s real. I believe I can. I believe you can.


Light The Way

Life is full of surprises. You’ll never know what happens the next second. Only God knows.

I always try to make each second count. Notice I said “try”

Lately I been such a big moody, I don’t care what happens to me. Numerous specialists, blood work, cutting cold Turkey on medicines due to bad effects and financial harships.

Why does life even have money? I mean seriously just makes people more evil, jealous, or stuck up. Well some anyways.

I’ve been seeing so much drama that I’ve cut out a lot of peeps in my life. Doesn’t mean I don’t care, they were causing false hope. Using me, judging me, and more.

I support others. I hate seeing others suffer. No matter who or where you’re from. But when I’m suffering in different ways, makes it even harder.

All I can say is life sucks at times. But then it’s a beautiful blessing. Don’t be afraid to Express how you feel. Just don’t give up. And if you’re to the point, ask for help . Okay? You are worth it.

Just feel all the feels life brings. Light your way in your time . You’re loved


Finding happiness in all circumstances is very important. Joy is all around, whether you are enjoying a fun, sunny day. Or there are storms that come upon you. Sometimes there are calm and beautiful days.

Emotions that you feel inside, should be released. You don’t need to put a fake smile and feel that your feelings, experiences, dreams, knowledge, relationships, physical, emotional, spiritual or financial problems don’t matter. Because they do. Why?BECAUSE THAT IS YOU. YOU FEEL. YOU EXPERIENCE. IT’S YOUA.

Take every experience and turn it into your visions, passions, joruney, learning and move forward. Express your feelings no matter what day you’re having but still find joy in the moment.

No matter hard it may get or feel. Know you’re not alone. You are loved and appreciated. See it within. Now go live. Climb the trees, feel the breeze, watch the storms, or feel the peace. You are a work in progress, so make sure you are giving yourself the love, attention and opportunities. While doing so, others are following your example.

Experiences are what defines you. They are also beautiful examples to life others.
~Jackie Hall

Love yourself and your passions

Finding yourself, lovingbyoursel, coming out of hiding on your passions brings so much joy.

I am learning and growing with my art, music, photography, writing, and a health journey. Realizing the only approval I need is from myself.

Fame doesn’t exist in my world. Visions and dreams do. As I continue to be a work in progress, my heart loves to see others progress towards their happiness. Fulfilling their passions and supporting themselves.

I surely love seeing all the talent in this world. We’re all amazing, beautiful and instruments for others in our gifts, love, support, and upliftment.

I’m not the best writer but I have accomplished few books on amazon. I’m not the best artist but I am me and Express which brings me joy. I’m not the greatest singer but it’s my passion and will make a cd one day. I have much lyrics and songs.

I would love to know what you do. What would you like to accomplish? What are your passions? Are you needing more support? Encouragement? Upliftment?
Well I would love to do what I can to uplift and help inspire you . For it’s important.

I waited too long and hid for awhile and let the world, my thoughts, actions, bullying, abuse and more take over. Use your experiences for good but move forward. You’re not alone. You’re amazing. Share xoxoo god bless. Keep shining ~jackie


As I go through my journey of renewing my light and talents. It’s so much better with self love. Working harder, moving forward and having faith in yourself.

I love using my singing, writing, health journey, art, photography and other passions to grow my light.

Life gets discouraging and things don’t work out when you want them too. That shouldn’t stop you from moving forward.

What are you doing to build yourself up? Share your talents and visions? Know deep inside of your light and don’t become dim. Nor compare. You are who you are because you are special in your own way.

Share with me your talents. Let’s support and shine. Leave no one on their own. You got to want it.Find support. Keep shining and smiling in all the dark and light days. Let’s get it !


Often times we face hardships where we just want someone to understand. Without judgement, to feel loved and help to be guided over the obstacles.

In all reality it’s nice to have that support, but you would still be in the same place. Feelings would still arise or circumstances would come up again. What is it you need to do?

Learn to Express your feelings without ignoring them. Make sure it’s in a constructive way as fitness, the arts, serving, music, or other talents.

Be open in your mind and heart. Have more faith and not fear. Your body must heal. So, as it’s good to get the praise, recognition, help, support, love, and positivity from others. You must have self love first.

Stay healthy physically. Clear the toxins in your body with healthy and nutrition plan. No diet. Exercise and stay committed for life. Emotionally meditate, love yourself , acknowledge yourself in all circumstances with positive energy. That will help calm your mind.

Be believing. Know when you feel nothing or no one is able to help, know you must accept that challenge. There are many who love and accept you. But in order to personally face your own demons and obstacles with staying positive and with courage, you must clear your mind of toxin and replace with I am able. I am going forward. Same with spiritual energy.

Get fit. Get healthy. YOU’RE WORTH IT

I woke up one day last year and decided the path I was on needed to change. Change for the better which I needed so bad.

Diabetes, autoimmune, gut issues, self-confidence and so many other trials were weighing me down. It was unbearable.

I chose to rise above with an amazing support. My tribe. And I made the choice to get healthy and fit

I’ll be able to…..
– Show you how to manage a healthier lifestyle
– Getting the support and accountability you need.
– Help you be more confident while dealing with your physical, emotional ,spiritual and financial challenges.
– An opportunity to not only help you, yourself but those around you. So much more .

What do you need to do?
Comment or message me. I’ll set up a call. Get to know you. See what you need.

Jackie xoxo