Though it seems trials of physical, emotional and financial come at me at once, or add on. I am working to do all I can to relieve the burdens. It’s a slow process.

Does it mean I’m a loser? Will I not finish school? Am I close to finding another job to help my husband and kids? Will anyone care about my talents and upliftment? Do I help others as often as i should, when I’m battling my battles?

You and I can look at all these questions and more with many answers or judgements. In all reality, I don’t know the what happens the next second.

All I know is I’m moving forward with hope. Doing all I can to do my part. Putting trust in God to help with my burdens.
I know a job will come. I know my needs and school expenses etc will be took care of. I know so many are uplifted in my support for them and my love through my experiences and gifts.

So, when you have doubts just look at all you have accomplished. Life is learning and I’m growing through it. As the same you’re growing in your battles. You’re not alone. There is hope. Just believe and see it. Keep going . ♡ let emotions out.


Quote from one of my books ♡♡

Life isn’t always joyous. I’m not always positive or happy. I just work on trying to make the best of it .

Dealing with hardships physically, emotionally, spiritually or financially can weigh you down at times. It’s how you handle them that makes it wonderful.

Listen to your heart. Open your mind to visions of your desires.
Forgive yourself. Know your emotions are a part of you. Never be sorry for that. Feel. Embrace.

Early morning ♡♡♡
Getting more of my books mailed off to some lovely people .

It’s so wonderful to accomplish your passions. I’m not stopping there.
I’m gonna keep going .

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How many? To who? And ty ♡

A way to help my family husband and family but also finish school .

What are you doing ? What are your passions?
Don’t give up. You’re amazing. We all have passions. Please believe in you, as I believe in all.


A beautiful reminder how blessed we are in this beautiful world.
Not only that but how special each and eveyone of us are. We are all beautiful, unique, priceless and talented. Wherever we are on this beautiful earth, we all matter.

Let us be the light to the world and build not only ourselves but others, especially during times of physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial struggles.

Not all of us is strong. Some face different challenges. No one is worth more . We all handle things in our own way. Supporting each other’s emotions, decisions,choices and talents will help break the wall of judgements.

Come together ♡♡♡



Always know deep down inside the importance of life. Importance of belonging.

I can’t make you see it or feel it. It’s there. You need to find your own way. Uplifting you will always be there.

Know you’re too precious and important to be forgotten. The struggles you are facing can be hard and difficult. You must find the outlit within to Express in a constructive way.

We all have talents. Use them to create inspiration and strength. You then will build belief and confidence within yourself.

Never give up hope. These words I’m going by, even the ones above. For I have many trials but I am going to conquer. While doing so, why not support you as well. You are loved ♡


Coming from different backgrounds and dealing with many different challenges. We all need the same love, support, and compassion.

Everyday it would be a blessing to help one or many in any way we can. For life is to bless and lift up others. Not all about ourselves.

During holidays, I believe many suffer more because so many are lonely, hurting, forgotten and pushed enough daily.

Uplift and not judge another beautiful soul. We don’t know each other’s stories. Get to know ♡

My Expression through Art

Don’t let fear or the evilness of the world stop you from standing up for what you believe. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Whoever you choose to become or dream of becoming. Have faith in yourself. May we treat each other with love and support. Remember each day is a blessing and your life and gifts and all things are blessings too. Don’t waste it. Be brave. Be believing and be supportive.

~Jackie Hall ~

Free to Choose & My Captures

In this world there’s much heartbreak and goodness. We’re given our free agency to choose how we react, act, and what we chose to do with each moment of our lives.

Sometimes it’s not that simple. Life can really be painful. You may lose your way or feel like giving up. Just hang on little bit longer each day.

Find the strength and light within yourself and each other. Bring awareness to your souls and enlighten the world. You’re given opportunities and challenges for a reason. So embrace .