As we go through life, we suddenly can lose loved ones in a blink of an eye. Everyday many around the world pass away. Through sickness, suicide, unexpectedly, or horrible tragedies in many ways.

It’s not something we can plan for. Thinking about all of us around the world, we all go through this. I captured this beautiful photo at a graveyard awhile back.
To stop and reflect on all lives. For those that I have known and those that I haven’t. Knowing everyone makes a difference and they are somebody. We are all someone beautiful. Whether gone or not should be respected and cared for.

In times now and ahead. May we always cherish the memories. Even if we may not know who one may be. For they are special too. There will be tragedies. As hard as it may be, it’s better to become a loving unitity then enemies.
Love all that’s gone and love all that’s here. Life’s short but see beauty in all.

We all will be together one day ♡

♡ Jackie Hall ♡

Happy 5th Anniversary to us ♡


appy 5th Anniversary to us. Chris and I were brought together when we were building ourselves up from a divorce. He was a single dad to a 3yr girl and 14 yr old son here in Ohio.
I was in Tennessee trying to pick up pieces and Bam! Made a life .

We both have seen trials and felt alone. We’ve dealt with challenges and have overcome so much , and continue. I’m grateful for my husband who dedicates so much to provide for his family. Works hard as a father who is an example of faith and hardworking parent. I’m blessed to have and continue to be by his side. To have 2 amazing step kids to love , support, and more.

We have and continue to have our trials. Sometimes it feels better to just say “been here, done that” but we get pulled closer. We’re so much stronger. Love deepens. Our children learn a beautiful lesson of what marriage is.

One day will make our beach vacation hun. Trust me lol . Will have a getaway that we’ve been longing for since the day we said ” I do” 5 years ago.

I’m blessed to be here . Blessed to laugh,cry, have someone to put up with my stubbornness and mouth lol. To wipe my tears. I’m blessed to support you in your career as powerlineman. Put up with your stubbornness. And more importantly love harder than ever before. We got many more years to go. Love us more.

Ty God for bringing us together. Thank you for giving me a chance to love 2 amazing kids I can claim my own ♡♡♡
Here’s to forever and closer together ♡♡♡


Count your blessings. Trust me, in my challenges I’m enduring, and I’m not gonna lie, I have many days where I can be negative and mean . But I do count my blessings ,even later after expressions. I still try to smile but it’s okay if you don’t all the time. It’s life. 🙂

I feel better when I uplift during my hard times but also more importantly to help others in their struggles. Xoxo

Happy 36th bday to us and happy Birthday to my nephew to be ..any moment


appy 36th Birthday to my bestest and beautiful twin Charity. Whom as we speak is about to have her 2nd miracle baby this moment .. Can’t wait . Many prayers ♡♡♡♡

Wish I was with you. I love you so very much.
I want you to know I’ve always wanted the best for you and for you to be a mother. You’re amazing and a wonderful mother. Your boys will be so blessed by you. So happy for you and paul for your forever family.

I love our special bond. We feel so much and have so much love , empathy, support and more. Been through so much together. So happy for you. Crying happy tears and missing you tears lol. One day we need to celebrate our bday together like growing up.

Enjoy your day and your family. Love you more than you ever know . You’re my better heart. Give lots of love to my nephews ♡


A beautiful reminder how blessed we are in this beautiful world.
Not only that but how special each and eveyone of us are. We are all beautiful, unique, priceless and talented. Wherever we are on this beautiful earth, we all matter.

Let us be the light to the world and build not only ourselves but others, especially during times of physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial struggles.

Not all of us is strong. Some face different challenges. No one is worth more . We all handle things in our own way. Supporting each other’s emotions, decisions,choices and talents will help break the wall of judgements.

Come together ♡♡♡



appy National Lineman Appreciation Day.

I appreciate you Chris so very much. Your family loves you. The best hardworking man ever. Though we see you leave more, we know that you are needed all over. You chose this profession and worked hard in school for it. It’s not just q career. You love it. Love the excitement, the smiles, the work, and providing for your family.

I appreciate you every single day. I know there’s a lot more you do, and I’m glad I don’t see everything lol. I’m fine on the ground. 🙂 but I love you forever. We have our trials, and some are harder than others, but we sure rise above and together.
I’m grateful to hug you when you leave and hug you even more when you get back. Know you’re appreciated not just today but everyday. Especially all those who have gone and all those now. Ty all you wonderful lineman/line women. You are always in hearts and prayers.

Love you hunny. Ty for all you do. Better be safe . This woman says so hahah your family loves you and supports you. We’ll make it to the eternities. God bless you all♡♡ everyday


Something I’m learning and growing to have more in my life.

A better understanding of others and what they must be feeling and going through.

No matter the pain and hurt I’ve endured, I can still choose to forgive and keep going. Just as we all have a chance .

Live that chance just for the day and moment. Though it can be extremely hard. Our own feelings and life is very important. Just as whatever has happened to us. Which nothing should justify that or make it seem like we shouldn’t feel or have strong emotions and opinions.

Merely a thought process and change of heart on healing and moving forward. Knowing that no matter what happens to any of us, we are capable in our own hearts and life to live, learn, live, forgive, and understand. Life can be amazingly beautiful during worst times.