One’s Soul

Father in heaven as you hear my plea
Take this pain and turn into peace

I had no clue how much pain it would be
To live in a world that has so much hurt, you see?

We each are given our free agency
Yet, when we make choices, judgments become reality.

Dare all of us who stay quiet because we’re not smiling.
To look at others who just keep lying.

Lying about how they truly feel
I wish we all were accepting and real.

The agony that each of our souls suffer
Is of great need, where we need one another.

For comfort to All

A reminder that no matter what we are all loved. We have talents to bring each other upliftment, comfort, laughter, empathy, release of emotions and more.

I wrote this a few years ago when I lost my granda and few friends.

As we lose those we love, it’s better to lean on each other’s support and comfort.

I always love to share my passions with others when they need uplifting in anyway .

I wrote this poem and it was turned into a song.

Use your talents, your experiences, and passions to not only go through the emotions of losing others, trials, and challenges. But be of strength and comfort for those who need it the most. Find the joy in what you love. You have a heart and let it be free . Xoxo


Whether suffered a loss recently or have in the past. I felt to open my heart . Always remember. Never forget ♡♡ Hope you can find comfort.

You’ll still be with us

As we go on our way, want you to know you’ll stay
Stay in our thoughts, stay in our dreams, stay in our hearts forever you’ll be.

Though your body may be gone. Your memory holds in our hearts with a forever bond.
Nothing will change the feelings we have for you .You’ll always be loved and remembered too.

Thank you for blessing our lives each day. You’re just amazing and beautiful soul in many ways.
Thank God for sharing us with you. We’ll continue to love you and hold a special place in our hearts for you too.
(C) Jackie Hall

Work in Progress with Talents

I am working on coming out of my shell with my talents. Amazing how growing up I wasn’t shy about writing, singing, art, scrapbooking,photography and more. But as I got older and faced even more self-confidence issues , bullying, abuse and more, I started hiding.

I opened myself up more thanks to an online singing site, where I’ll leave the link that has some of my karaoke songs.  Then there is a song from a dear friend that helped me put music on Sound Cloud. My goal is to find someone to help me put a cd together.  That will come. I’m sure someone is out there 🙂

As I continue my schooling, I am developing more into the Arts. I love photography. Always been a passion. I love just feeling the emotions through every capture. That’s probably one thing I love about not driving on trips. I rather look and capture. Either through photography or writing.  Below are some captures, and you’ll see more throughout my site moving forward.  Also a reminder of some of the books I’ve done. Not the greatest, but it helps me get out there. Plus helps with school and other expenses 🙂

It’s a blessing to teach your children and those around you of the importance of developing your talents. Not only for yourself to appreciate , enjoy ,and uplift. But for the uplifting and teaching experiences to those around you. I am reminded by one of my bishopric friends and his wife that Talents need to be embraced and not hidden. For we’re given them to grow on and share. So, I made a promise to myself and to the lord that I will keep learning and growing. To keep sharing. That I don’t believe in ”fame”. I believe we all have gifts and we must just use them. Not about likes or anything else. NEVER COMPARE ❤ YOU’RE AMAZING . So tell me what you love. Show me your gifts so I can support and know you’re worth 🙂

Singing site –

Soundcloud song –

My books-




Gifts, gestures, service, showing you care, or just because doesn’t mean you have to have money to care for others.

Use words, music, actions, voices, art, dance, hugs, mail, texts, internet, visits, calls, sports, trips, outdoors, smiles, handshake, winks, photography, walking, talking, listening, or many other ways to show you care.

I felt inspired and I did what I feel passionate about. I used my heart and wrote a dear friend a poem. She’s a mentor, coach, friend, like a big sister, caring and so much more. Instead of worrying how I can never show others how I truly care. I use my passions.

May we all show each other we care by passions and supporting each other. You can’t buy true support from likes, follows, “fame” or anything else. Just be you. Next time you want to do something be creative. Use your heart . -♡♡♡♡♡

How Are You Doing On Your Passions ???

Slowly and in time I’m embracing on what I have always dreamed of. I’m coming out of my shell each day. No matter the outcome, what i am passionate for, that’s who I am.

Don’t hide from what you love . People will reject you, hurt you, laugh, and try to destroy you. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. Many years and still do at times, I let it bother me and start to hide. I’m human and that’s what I feel . Yet, I still keep going. I remember who I am and try to stay strong.

Stand up for who you are. No hiding . No giving up. Share your gifts.

What are you passionate about ?

How are you going to shine ?

Let yourself grow in all circumstances.

Talents & Goals


Take time to watch and let’s do a call . Are you in ?

Seriously don’t want to miss this.

My dream has always been to make a cd. I keep writing. Keep feeling. Keep working on many passions.

I used to not find time. I always would put others first. Writing, singing,music, photography and art inside or outside would be my go to places growing up.
I’m grateful for the gifts God gives us to battle bullying abuse, neglect, illnesses, pain and more. I learned from others in the industries and leaned on it through the years. Now I’m stronger than before and bringing it out again.

Never give up your desires. Be true to yourself. Know you’re very important. You need to be seen and heard. You’re amazing. Keep following your passions. Build yourself up. The most important person that needs to know this and see it is YOU. Quit comparing. You’re enough and well worth it.
So keep shining and inspiring ~jackie