Often times we face hardships where we just want someone to understand. Without judgement, to feel loved and help to be guided over the obstacles.

In all reality it’s nice to have that support, but you would still be in the same place. Feelings would still arise or circumstances would come up again. What is it you need to do?

Learn to Express your feelings without ignoring them. Make sure it’s in a constructive way as fitness, the arts, serving, music, or other talents.

Be open in your mind and heart. Have more faith and not fear. Your body must heal. So, as it’s good to get the praise, recognition, help, support, love, and positivity from others. You must have self love first.

Stay healthy physically. Clear the toxins in your body with healthy and nutrition plan. No diet. Exercise and stay committed for life. Emotionally meditate, love yourself , acknowledge yourself in all circumstances with positive energy. That will help calm your mind.

Be believing. Know when you feel nothing or no one is able to help, know you must accept that challenge. There are many who love and accept you. But in order to personally face your own demons and obstacles with staying positive and with courage, you must clear your mind of toxin and replace with I am able. I am going forward. Same with spiritual energy.

Let Out Emotions. Be You


motions are real. They come in different ways. You may feel anger, sadness, joy, happy, bored, scared, or other things.

Using my camera to check a bump on my head which is very sensitive . My great Dane and her rope decided to whack me. When you have plate and screws it doesn’t help.

I’m used to holding my tears in and being comfort to others. My tears are still flowing and not just because of a whack to side of head. From those that leave us to go be with God. From hardships financially, physical pain, depression, anxiety and your heart wanting to help so many. To stop abuse, hatred, bullying and more.
Mental illness is real. Feelings are real. Having challenges are real. And sometimes music, service, singing, writing, photography and more won’t help. Helping others by letting them know to express, feel and let it out IS ALRIGHT. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING. It may be 540am and I may have been up all night with school, prayer, pain, worry, emotions, and hardships of finding work. I am me. This is me. I’m not afraid of being me.

It just felt so dang good to let loose. Be not ashamed. You’re amazing and beautiful. Goes to all people. We all have feelings.
My prayers and love to all. And to all that struggle. IT’S OKAY ♡♡



truggles to see the beauty of ourselves can have an impact. Since I was little to now I’ve fought seeing my worth and beauty.
Fame isn’t real. No one is better than anyone else on any talent, sport, looks, actions or whatever else. We’re all gifted in many ways.
Growing up as an adopted child, going through so much bullying , judging, depression, weight gain, and 2 abusive marriages. I lost myself.
I would always compare and worry what others would think. I wanted the “genes”of my family that adopted me. Or the smarts and talents like my twin sister
When I look at these pictures, I Think ” Wow” i was beautiful and talented. I still am. High school was really rough. 9 surgeries and other challenges was tough. But I am beautiful and alive. Then having a major surgery with plate and screws in my neck with spine crushing 2017 I thought I’d lose my passion in music. It’s the most beautiful scar. I’m alive, happy and accepting. Which leaves a scar. Because I’m beautiful I am capable of doing anything. Found love again. Going after my passions.
Take each day to remember we’re here as a child of God. To not focus on our flaws, but learn help build others up. I’m sure everyone wants to be noticed, loved, appreciated and so much more. So, why don’t we help make that happen. Good to be different. Bad to judge and compare. Embrace life and each other. See your beauty. For your heart breaks, trials, illnesses ,scars and so much more is what makes you priceless and amazing. Go do it. Be YOU. SAY IT I AM CAPABLE OF LOVING, ACCEPTING AND BEING WHO I AM. ~Jackie


During troubletimes, it you may not feel like smiling, being positive or even laughing would help. My suggestion, try anyway.

Trials and tribulations will always be there. Trust me, I’m facing them daily too. When I’m upset I let it out. When I’m scared, worried, frustrated, sad, angry, or other emotions, I Express.

Nothing is wrong with feelings. Don’t hide them. You need to let them release. It’s also good to have the motivation that even know things are going bad, there is hope around the corner. It takes time.

All I know is I’m going to try to release my harden heart. My worries. And see the light within. Because nothing more makes me happy then lighting up another person’s heart and life with goodness, comfort and support.

Spread joy not hate. Smile when you’re down. See light instead of darkness. We’re all suffering together. See light within each other

Keep shining and smiling:)Jackie


A new day. A new chance. Embrace each moment . All you need to do is try.

I know it’s hard. Like many you feel defeated at times. Too many challenges. Some come even more and you get overwhelmed.

If you’re a believer in God, he hears you. Loves you. If he didn’t we wouldn’t have the experiences.

Just know how incredible you are. See where you’re at in life and just try harder each day.

Don’t give up. Reach out to someone.. You’re loved and supported ♡♡