Road you’re traveling

By Jackie Hall

New lyrics ♡ need music

Singing from the heart
You’re on a road where you don’t know where you’re going
There are times that you feel nothing and in no hurry.
Feeling the emotions of sorrow everywhere
Replacing your faith with feelings of despair
Don’t fight the feeling ,you’re doing your best
Don’t fight the feeling, of comparing with the rest
There’s so much room for your soul to see
Giving up is not who you want to be.
Life matters and so it should to you
Bringing much joy during the days of gloom
Embracing the trials like rivers crashing through
You’ve got a lot to offer, just believe in you.
Don’t fight the feeling ,you’re doing your best
Don’t fight the feeling, of comparing with the rest
There’s so much room for your soul to see
Giving up is not who you want to be.
There’s so much room for your soul to see
Giving up is not who you want to be .

Let Out Emotions. Be You


motions are real. They come in different ways. You may feel anger, sadness, joy, happy, bored, scared, or other things.

Using my camera to check a bump on my head which is very sensitive . My great Dane and her rope decided to whack me. When you have plate and screws it doesn’t help.

I’m used to holding my tears in and being comfort to others. My tears are still flowing and not just because of a whack to side of head. From those that leave us to go be with God. From hardships financially, physical pain, depression, anxiety and your heart wanting to help so many. To stop abuse, hatred, bullying and more.
Mental illness is real. Feelings are real. Having challenges are real. And sometimes music, service, singing, writing, photography and more won’t help. Helping others by letting them know to express, feel and let it out IS ALRIGHT. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING. It may be 540am and I may have been up all night with school, prayer, pain, worry, emotions, and hardships of finding work. I am me. This is me. I’m not afraid of being me.

It just felt so dang good to let loose. Be not ashamed. You’re amazing and beautiful. Goes to all people. We all have feelings.
My prayers and love to all. And to all that struggle. IT’S OKAY ♡♡


A new horizon I am climbing to the top.

Possibilities are endless

The energy and excitement I get from this health journey in all aspects brings fulfillment.

So much to be thankful for . I am committed. I am here. I am ready to help.

Let’s talk . 🙂 beautiful to be out of my shell and opening up.
Seeing how incredible your worth is. Let’s get to shining and getting healthier together.

A journey that will being much abundance and joy in your own life. Take the chance. Let’s talk if the opportunities. You’re amazing.

Contact me to learn more

Remember to always find within yourself worth. You are loved. You are priceless. Find your passions and what works for you and run with it.


During troubletimes, it you may not feel like smiling, being positive or even laughing would help. My suggestion, try anyway.

Trials and tribulations will always be there. Trust me, I’m facing them daily too. When I’m upset I let it out. When I’m scared, worried, frustrated, sad, angry, or other emotions, I Express.

Nothing is wrong with feelings. Don’t hide them. You need to let them release. It’s also good to have the motivation that even know things are going bad, there is hope around the corner. It takes time.

All I know is I’m going to try to release my harden heart. My worries. And see the light within. Because nothing more makes me happy then lighting up another person’s heart and life with goodness, comfort and support.

Spread joy not hate. Smile when you’re down. See light instead of darkness. We’re all suffering together. See light within each other

Keep shining and smiling:)Jackie


I’ve been trying harder each day to be grateful for my challenges.

No matter if sometimes it has me crying on the floor, asking God to take “my cup” from me. Does he? At times he’ll provide miracles. Other times he gives me strength to overcome the physical pain. Courage to overcome my depression and anxiety days that are unbearable.

Financial burdens are truly a pain as well. Whether you’re a couple, single, rich, poor, or stable. It’s still a challenge. Trials come up. Circumstances change. Does it get frustrating? Oh it does for me. Especially when you’re a parent, wife, student and searching for a job. It gets easier . It gets better. You just have to have faith and patience. Easier said then done. But try. Time will come.

Whatever your beliefs are, know you’re enough. You have challenges . I have challenges. Let us rise up together. Hand in hand, side by side and together. Let us be of strength and supportive. Not to look at each others weaknesses, challenges, illnesses, or other flaws. May we look within our light, strengths, and passions.

You’re enough. Know it. Feel it. Love yourself. Keep going. You’re loved .

How Are You Doing On Your Passions ???

Slowly and in time I’m embracing on what I have always dreamed of. I’m coming out of my shell each day. No matter the outcome, what i am passionate for, that’s who I am.

Don’t hide from what you love . People will reject you, hurt you, laugh, and try to destroy you. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. Many years and still do at times, I let it bother me and start to hide. I’m human and that’s what I feel . Yet, I still keep going. I remember who I am and try to stay strong.

Stand up for who you are. No hiding . No giving up. Share your gifts.

What are you passionate about ?

How are you going to shine ?

Let yourself grow in all circumstances.

Beautiful World

How blessed to live in this beautiful world. God is amazing with creating beautiful art. More importantly beautiful souls.

Despite the challenging times,we have amazing opportunities to create our art for others to see. We should not hide!!

If you are on a health journey like me, then embrace it. Find those that need a hand and shape them into the person they need to see. No matter how hard.

If you are artistic, singer, photographer, student, or other passions like I love or don’t do, then embrace them. Comfort those that need it. Make new friends. Spare the judging. Stand up to bullying . Never quit. Never compare.

The list can go on. These are just some of what I do. Now look at the beauty in front of you and make your list. See your vision. Act on it as no one is watching.