Though the challeneges we face may be frustrating. Always remember we’ve been through worse.

When you set goal and havent accomplished them. Don’t give up. You still have more chances.

Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened. Focus what you are doing now.

Get healthy. Clear your mind. Stay focused if you fall then acknowledge and love yourself harder. Seek your passions out for they are more strength to you then you realize. Jackie Xoxo

Have Faith & Keep Moving

As someone who has and continues to personally struggle with depression, anxiety, financially, and physically challenges.
I can say my spiritual growth is amazing.

I have my days where I’ve had enough. Where I can’t cry no more. Feel like I’m not taken seriously. Feel alone, afraid, judge, bullied, not appreciated, acknowledged how I keep going.

When I stop and realize lately, I don’t need to think that. I need to stop thinking that. Turning my thoughts and heart to the realization that life is all about timing . God’s Timing. That I am loved. I have my agency. Though it’s hard and so much more, I am still alive. I am me. I love me and I don’t need anyone to accept that.

You are still alive. We have this beautiful earth with beautiful talents, wisdom, each other and more that surrounds us. So, we should use the time we have in uplifting, inspiring, finding love within. Seeking inspiration from each other in our battles. We are capable of making what we think is impossible from our challenges to making it possible.

Waiting, trials, disappointments, failures, challenges and more is what makes us more beautiful in this incredible world. Do your best. Give to God and go live the rest of your life.




As I go through my journey of renewing my light and talents. It’s so much better with self love. Working harder, moving forward and having faith in yourself.

I love using my singing, writing, health journey, art, photography and other passions to grow my light.

Life gets discouraging and things don’t work out when you want them too. That shouldn’t stop you from moving forward.

What are you doing to build yourself up? Share your talents and visions? Know deep inside of your light and don’t become dim. Nor compare. You are who you are because you are special in your own way.

Share with me your talents. Let’s support and shine. Leave no one on their own. You got to want it.Find support. Keep shining and smiling in all the dark and light days. Let’s get it !

Expressions and Gifts

Your mind can be a beautiful thing. Full of imagination and dreams.

It can also detour you to having fear . Not expressing, coming out of your shell.

No one in s better or perfect. We’re given talents. We’re given opportunities. So reach inside your mind and heart and Express. Express as if no one is seeing. Believe in you
I love art. Love music,writing,photography and more. What’s your passions?


Hardships are everywhere. From all around the world we encounter countless trials and tribulations. Some are suffering all at once such as being homeless, jobless, physical challenges and mental illness. While others may suffer temporary or long term such as job loss, illness, relationship issues, self-confidence, and loss of loved ones.

Though hardships can be devastating, they are also blessings. Blessings to be able to endure and not give up. To stand on your own two feet and rise above.

Yes, you may need help. Sometimes more prayers, service and whatever else to help lift your burdens. That’s why I believe we’re all here. To learn, grow. Experience, teach, suffer, strengthen, serve, love and have empathy and compassion for each other. That’s for ALL of us who have,are, or will walk this earth.

Let us be wise as C.S. Lewis Quotes. For something is there for us . We must endure it. And of course someone is always watching and growing. No matter how hard the storm is, don’t give up. I’m hanging on for dear life, but with faith. And calling God to help ~Jackie Hall



truggles to see the beauty of ourselves can have an impact. Since I was little to now I’ve fought seeing my worth and beauty.
Fame isn’t real. No one is better than anyone else on any talent, sport, looks, actions or whatever else. We’re all gifted in many ways.
Growing up as an adopted child, going through so much bullying , judging, depression, weight gain, and 2 abusive marriages. I lost myself.
I would always compare and worry what others would think. I wanted the “genes”of my family that adopted me. Or the smarts and talents like my twin sister
When I look at these pictures, I Think ” Wow” i was beautiful and talented. I still am. High school was really rough. 9 surgeries and other challenges was tough. But I am beautiful and alive. Then having a major surgery with plate and screws in my neck with spine crushing 2017 I thought I’d lose my passion in music. It’s the most beautiful scar. I’m alive, happy and accepting. Which leaves a scar. Because I’m beautiful I am capable of doing anything. Found love again. Going after my passions.
Take each day to remember we’re here as a child of God. To not focus on our flaws, but learn help build others up. I’m sure everyone wants to be noticed, loved, appreciated and so much more. So, why don’t we help make that happen. Good to be different. Bad to judge and compare. Embrace life and each other. See your beauty. For your heart breaks, trials, illnesses ,scars and so much more is what makes you priceless and amazing. Go do it. Be YOU. SAY IT I AM CAPABLE OF LOVING, ACCEPTING AND BEING WHO I AM. ~Jackie


Whatever journey you’re going through, it’s always going to be bumpy.

You will have your highs and lows in all circumstances. Be willing to choose paths that create success and not block your path.

You will stumble and fall but keep moving forward because at each finish line you’ve accomplished so much. It’s worth it .

-Physically 💪
– Emotionally😊
– Spiritually 🙏

Are you ready to find a path of commitment down one or all these roads?