Free to Choose & My Captures

In this world there’s much heartbreak and goodness. We’re given our free agency to choose how we react, act, and what we chose to do with each moment of our lives.

Sometimes it’s not that simple. Life can really be painful. You may lose your way or feel like giving up. Just hang on little bit longer each day.

Find the strength and light within yourself and each other. Bring awareness to your souls and enlighten the world. You’re given opportunities and challenges for a reason. So embrace .


Emotions are what we have on a daily basis. They are a source of feels that grow to making us a better person in all eays.

There’s no time limit on when we should stop feeling. You can still experience life and joy as long as you keep moving . Just own it. Own your feelings and embrace them.

Be yourself and release all the inner power you have. You don’t have to be brave all the time. Don’t worry about being happy all the time.
Our learning through emotions is what makes us who we are. Accept yourself. Release it. Love it and keep going.

For comfort to All

A reminder that no matter what we are all loved. We have talents to bring each other upliftment, comfort, laughter, empathy, release of emotions and more.

I wrote this a few years ago when I lost my granda and few friends.

As we lose those we love, it’s better to lean on each other’s support and comfort.

I always love to share my passions with others when they need uplifting in anyway .

I wrote this poem and it was turned into a song.

Use your talents, your experiences, and passions to not only go through the emotions of losing others, trials, and challenges. But be of strength and comfort for those who need it the most. Find the joy in what you love. You have a heart and let it be free . Xoxo

Have Faith & Keep Moving

As someone who has and continues to personally struggle with depression, anxiety, financially, and physically challenges.
I can say my spiritual growth is amazing.

I have my days where I’ve had enough. Where I can’t cry no more. Feel like I’m not taken seriously. Feel alone, afraid, judge, bullied, not appreciated, acknowledged how I keep going.

When I stop and realize lately, I don’t need to think that. I need to stop thinking that. Turning my thoughts and heart to the realization that life is all about timing . God’s Timing. That I am loved. I have my agency. Though it’s hard and so much more, I am still alive. I am me. I love me and I don’t need anyone to accept that.

You are still alive. We have this beautiful earth with beautiful talents, wisdom, each other and more that surrounds us. So, we should use the time we have in uplifting, inspiring, finding love within. Seeking inspiration from each other in our battles. We are capable of making what we think is impossible from our challenges to making it possible.

Waiting, trials, disappointments, failures, challenges and more is what makes us more beautiful in this incredible world. Do your best. Give to God and go live the rest of your life.




Finding happiness in all circumstances is very important. Joy is all around, whether you are enjoying a fun, sunny day. Or there are storms that come upon you. Sometimes there are calm and beautiful days.

Emotions that you feel inside, should be released. You don’t need to put a fake smile and feel that your feelings, experiences, dreams, knowledge, relationships, physical, emotional, spiritual or financial problems don’t matter. Because they do. Why?BECAUSE THAT IS YOU. YOU FEEL. YOU EXPERIENCE. IT’S YOUA.

Take every experience and turn it into your visions, passions, joruney, learning and move forward. Express your feelings no matter what day you’re having but still find joy in the moment.

No matter hard it may get or feel. Know you’re not alone. You are loved and appreciated. See it within. Now go live. Climb the trees, feel the breeze, watch the storms, or feel the peace. You are a work in progress, so make sure you are giving yourself the love, attention and opportunities. While doing so, others are following your example.

Experiences are what defines you. They are also beautiful examples to life others.
~Jackie Hall

Love yourself and your passions

Finding yourself, lovingbyoursel, coming out of hiding on your passions brings so much joy.

I am learning and growing with my art, music, photography, writing, and a health journey. Realizing the only approval I need is from myself.

Fame doesn’t exist in my world. Visions and dreams do. As I continue to be a work in progress, my heart loves to see others progress towards their happiness. Fulfilling their passions and supporting themselves.

I surely love seeing all the talent in this world. We’re all amazing, beautiful and instruments for others in our gifts, love, support, and upliftment.

I’m not the best writer but I have accomplished few books on amazon. I’m not the best artist but I am me and Express which brings me joy. I’m not the greatest singer but it’s my passion and will make a cd one day. I have much lyrics and songs.

I would love to know what you do. What would you like to accomplish? What are your passions? Are you needing more support? Encouragement? Upliftment?
Well I would love to do what I can to uplift and help inspire you . For it’s important.

I waited too long and hid for awhile and let the world, my thoughts, actions, bullying, abuse and more take over. Use your experiences for good but move forward. You’re not alone. You’re amazing. Share xoxoo god bless. Keep shining ~jackie


These are just some of my affirmations. I know where I am going and what I personally need to work on.

I want you to join this transition. -self-love
-mentoring -opportunities
-nutriton and more

What are your affirmations?

What’s your vision?

Are you ready for a healthy and lifestyle commitment?

I’m ready to light you up and show you what you’re capable of. Let’s do this